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Side Events

Side Events

LiGHTiNG 3, the sole representative and certified trainer of RELUX lighting simulation software, will offer after draw to one visitor of the exhibition a free RELUX seminar worth of €350. The draw will take place on Monday February 29th 18:00 at the stand of LiGHTiNG 3. Winner will be informed by e-mail. More information and registration at Stand A11.


Side Events

Side Events

Company interest in participation in the exhibition has been impressive

30/12/2015 The Greek market supports the 1st ELEC TEC 2016 ( ). Very interesting events during the exhibition.

The Hellenic Association of Electrical Product Manufacturers organizes the institution "ELECTRICALS & GREEK". An annual competition for an award to Greek electrical products is established for the first time in Greece under the title "ELECTRICALS & GREEK". The institution aims to showcase and reward the quality, reliability and safety of electrical products manufactured in the country. The ceremony of awards to Greek products shall take place on Saturday, February 27, in a MEC Paiania hall. ( )

Two-Day Scientific Conference (February 27-28 2016) of the Panhellenic Federation of Electrical Contractors Associations - POSEH.  The Chairman and Board of the Federation have initiated all required procedures for the Conference organization (drafting of the subject list, introductions, interventions, organization, etc.) which is to be attended by electricians from around Greece. The Federation aims to organize a purely Scientific Conference for the first time, which is to guide the sector through the tough years to come and become the beginning of a new effort for the development of very small and small businesses owned by Electrical Contractors in the country. ( 


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