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The 3rd «Elec.Tec» exhibition is both international and upgraded

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Global trends in electrical materials, lighting and security systems, as well as all related categories, are in show along with smart networking solutions for homes and professional facilities.

Tens of speakers, hundreds of conference participants, multiple and varied conference events were organized in the context of the 2nd “Elec.tec” international exhibition which took place at MEC Paiania between 23 and 26 February 2018.

Preparations for the 3rd ʼElec.tecʼ international exhibition have already started, aiming to showcase electrical technologies, applications and automations originating in the... future. The exhibition will take place between 21 and 24 February 2020, at MEC Paiania.

Three new features alter the next ʼElec.tecʼ profile: Presentations of innovative materials and products, interesting business meetings in specially planned workshop areas, as well as a conference program of European reach.

The support and confidence displayed by the market for the 3rd ʼElec.tecʼ international exhibition makes it a source of inspiration for new technologies which the contemporary professional should be aware of. It also brings to life trends which alter the nature of professional activities with electrical engineering and automation suggestions for both residential and business facilities, as well the LED-type most recent lighting systems.

The exhibition will host: Manufacturers, agents and importers of electrical, lighting, telecommunications and electronic materials, automation systems, security and control systems, software and tools, as well as operators of power generation, distribution and management.

It is targeted at electrical material and lighting traders, electrician installers, contractors and engineers, architects, designers, planners, decorators, contracting company executives, hotel executives, as well as public organisation and local government officials. Moreover, trade unions will be invited (federations and associations of the relevant sectors), as well as educational institutions, embassies, etc.

Soon, the committee to create the thematic framework for the third Scientific Conference of the Panhellenic Federation of Electrical Contractors Associations - POSEH is to be set up.

The same framework will specify the 3rd ʼElec.tec Forumʼ program, which is distinctive for special events on new generation electrical materials, as well as lighting covering new planning solutions and architectural proposals. Special conference events and workshops will be organised for all the various categories of products and technologies covered by the exhibition.

In an attempt to expand the visiting target group, the exhibition is scheduled to be promoted in Greece and abroad alike, through print and electronic media, as well as on the web. 




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