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Renewed and dynamic: the 2nd ʼElec.Tecʼ international exhibition is under way

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 Renewed and dynamic: the 2nd "Elec.Tec" international exhibition is under way


Preparations for the great exhibition on electrical material, lighting and equipment has started founded in market trust and support


       The 2nd "Elec.Tec 2018" international exhibition on electrical material, lighting and equipment is coming richer, stronger and renewed. Following the first successful organization, the market prepares to showcase the best it has to offer between 23 and 26 February 2018, at Paiania MEC.
Several of the largest manufacturers of electrical material in Greece and representatives of large foreign companies have already filed their participation in the 2nd "Elec-Tec" international exhibition and they are ready to present the most contemporary products available in the European market. 

        The goal is to establish new contacts and commercial partnerships so as to boost the market economic cycle and proceed to the works required for energy upgrades of public infrastructure, professional sites and residences.

          Between 23 and 26 February 2018, companies, businessmen and professionals book an important date which opens up new horizons in the market. Frantic preparations for the 2nd "Elec.Tec" international exhibition are dominated by the satisfaction of tens of exhibitors of the previous event as well as the significant participation of thousands of visitors and conference participants.

          Once again, the Electrical Material and Lighting market is ready to present the best of what it has to offer to the Greek market, boosted with the experience and prestige of "Technoekdotiki / Τ-Press". At the same time the "Elec.tec Forum" conference programme is being set up full of original initiatives and participations that will win market interest.


           The participants of the event: Manufacturers, agents and importers of electrical, lighting, telecommunications and electronic materials, automation systems, security and control systems, software and tools, as well as operators of power generation, distribution and management.
It addresses: Electrical material and lighting traders, electrician installers, contractors and engineers, architects, designers, planners, decorators, public organisation and local government officials.
Moreover, trade unions will be invited (federations and associations of the relevant sectors), as well as educational institutions, embassies, etc.



Ergotaxiaka Themata
Metadosi Ischios
Logistics & Management
Car & Truck


The exhibition shall be publicized widely, both in-country and abroad, with adverts in print and electronic mass media, TV and radio commercials all around the country and distribution of advertising leaflets, invitations, posters, etc.


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