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The game changer exhibition

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Elec.Tec”: The status-changing exhibition



Following the success of the first organization, the 2nd international exhibition of Electrical Material & Lighting "Elec.Tec" opens doors from 23 to 26 February 2018

      Briefing businesses producing and marketing electrical equipment and lighting, the 2nd international "Elec.Tec" exhibition comes for targeted presentation of one of the most dynamic market sectors.

      The international "Elec.tec" has been scheduled for the period between 23 and 26 February 2018, at the Paiania MEC Exhibition Centre. Already, businesses from Greece and abroad are booking places for next year, confirming that targeted exhibitions have a cause and a role to play in the efforts for the economy rebirth.



    Frantic preparations for the 2nd "Elec.Tec" international exhibition are dominated by the satisfaction of tens of exhibitors of the previous event as well as the significant participation of thousands of visitors and conference participants.

       Once again, the Electrical Material and Lighting market is ready to present the best of what it has to offer to the Greek market through an event signed by "Technoekdotiki / Τ-Press" whose experience in highly prestigious value added exhibitions and conferences dates back to 1991.
Participation of businesses and visitors in a specialised and targeted exhibition is of utmost importance to transmit the message of regrouping productive forces.
       The first step was positive and was the starting point to measure the market dynamics at a crucial point in time. The satisfaction caused confirms that only the study and sound knowledge of the market may turn into steps for progress and development.


Increased interest

            Businesses and organisations which did not participate in the previous international "Elec.Tec" have already expressed interest and have proceeded to preliminary bookings! At the same time, institutional and production agencies have already provided positive support for the new event.
The following exhibitor types participate in the international "Elec.Tec": Manufacturers, agents and importers of electrical, lighting, telecommunications and electronic materials, automation systems, security and control systems, software and tools, as well as operators of power generation, distribution and management.

It addresses the following types of visitors:

  • Electrical Material and Lighting Traders
  • Electrician Installers
  • Contractors and Engineers
  • Architects.
  • Designers
  • Decorators
  • Hotel executives
  • Contractors and executives of construction companies
  • Public organisation officers
  • Local Government officers

       Moreover, trade unions will be invited (federations and associations of the relevant sectors), as well as educational institutions, embassies, chambers, etc.


Ergotaxiaka Themata
Metadosi Ischios
Logistics & Management
Car & Truck

The exhibition shall be publicized widely, both in-country and abroad, with adverts in print and electronic mass media, TV and radio commercials all around the country and distribution of advertising leaflets, invitations, posters, etc.

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