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Full house for the brightest exhibition of 2020!

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“Elec.tec”, Greeceʼs most specialized exhibition on electrical equipment, lighting and security systems made its debut in 2016. It meant to become a point of reference for the whole industry and promote its huge potential.

Just a few years later, our mission seems to have been achieved. The Market itself believes so. Every single square meter of the MEC Exhibition Hall is full of participants.

At the same time, scholars, Educational Institutions and businesses are rushing to be part of the 3rd  “Elec.tec Forum” which further enhances the Exhibition’s content.

We would like to express our deepest gratitude to all those who support our effort and kindly sponsor our Exhibition.

We also extend our gratitude to every single company that will be there, to all the University Colleges, scientists, members of the business community, to all the specialists who will attend the “Elec.tec Forum”.

Their support is our biggest commitment to meet the expectations and deliver an excellent result.

Join us and visit the brightest exhibition of the year to familiarise yourselves with the exciting and wonderful world of electrical equipment, lighting and security systems.


Best of luck to all of us!



Voula Mourta


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