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Dear exhibitors,

This leaflet aims to inform you of additional provisions as well as structural and equipment items which shall be at your disposal.


  • In standardized structure stands, an essential electrical panel is installed at a high point and may not move. If you need this panel to be located at a specific point, you have to send a related plan up to 5 days prior to your moving into the exhibition area
  • Orders concerning electrical installations or constructions, e.g. spot light placement, warehouses, square suspended ceilings, office area, contrails, cannot be implemented unless a plan has been sent to us.


  • For power supply required for your stand, you have to send an order up to 10 days before the exhibition as well as the related plan showing where you need the outlet to be located. Orders with no plans are not possible to implement.
  • If electrical works at your stand are undertaken by your own electrician, then the latter must fill in the Electrician’s Personal Statement and provide a photocopy of his/her valid professional permit.
  • The personal statement is filled in by the electrician and is not related to the order for power which it is the exhibitor’s sole responsibility though completion of the related form (leaflet no. 5).

Please make sure your orders are placed in time with a view to immediate and scheduled services provided to you in the exhibition area. In case you send the order sheet as well as depositing the related cash amount, the stand delivery is made complete. In case you only send the order sheet, we deliver the equipment at the stand area upon your arrival at the exhibition area and the payment in full of your order. In case you do not send a fax, you will be served out of the equipment stock on a “first-come, first served” basis, without our being able to guarantee adequate numbers of all items.

Thus we kindly request your cooperation with a view to the smooth operation of both the preparation and the exhibition itself.

We remain at your disposal for any information or clarification.

Thank you, 

Isabella Cooh
MEC Office Head

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